ISC2 Greater Detroit April Chapter Meeting

CBI Detroit Office 1260 Library Street Detroit, MI 48226
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ISC2 Greater Detroit Chapter Meeting

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CBI Detroit Office
1260 Library Street
Detroit, MI 48226

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (EST)

Speaker: Ron Winward

Topic: Targeting the Hidden Attack Surface of Automation
Every day, we hear about Artificial Intelligence (AI) invading more and more of everything around us. Within Information Security, we cannot get around new algorithms, new machine learning techniques, and a rush to automate everything. However, have these new technologies paradoxically ushered in a completely new world of vulnerabilities?
Radware explores a fascinating topic of how everything from APIs to people are being attacked in a new hidden attack surface which has uniqueness to cloak and anonymize its designers and has incredible speed and efficiency in its attack types. In fact, this presentation will highlight how each step towards deeper and total connectivity comes with consequences of protecting the very automation which is designed to make our world easy. In this session, you will take away the notion of how everything from humans to bots have weak undersides to automation, and even AI interfaces can be duped into attacks.

Bio: Ron Winward is a Security Evangelist for Radware, where he helps execute the company’s thought leadership on today’s security threat landscape. Ron brings nearly 20 years of experience in the Internet service provider space, most recently as Director of Network Engineering for a global infrastructure and colocation provider. With an expertise in network architectures and DDoS mitigation, Ron has helped design solutions for carriers, enterprises, and cybersecurity service providers around the world.