Join the (ISC)² Greater Detroit Chapter

Joining the local Greater Detroit Chapter of (ISC)² has numerous benefits to help you progress in your Information Security career. The local Greater Detroit Chapter hosts both professional and networking events throughout the Greater Detroit area where you can earn Continuing Professional Education credits to help you maintain your (ISC)² certification(s) and make connections with our extensive network of Information Security professionals in Michigan.

Membership Benefits

There are a variety of benefits for joining the Greater Detroit (ISC)² Chapter. The following membership benefits are available to chapter members:

  • Continuing Education - Earn CPEs by participating in professional activities
  • Professional Networking - Network with a large group of information security professionals
  • Leadership Opportunities - Engage in leadership roles within the Chapter
  • Participate in co-sponsored events with other industry associations
  • Assist (ISC)² initiatives by speaking at industry events or writing articles for publication
  • Participate in local community outreach projects (public service) to educate people about information security

Chapter Events

The Greater Detroit (ISC)² Chapter participates in events throughout the year including Professional Events, Sponsored Networking Events and Unsponsored Networking Events. Typical costs for attending these different types of events are as follows:

Type Member Cost Non-Member Cost
Professional Events FREE $20
Sponsored Networking Events FREE $10-$15
Unsponsored Networking Events Variable Variable

If you are interested in joining the Chapter, the application process consists of three steps:

  1. Application - Applicants must download the application form, agree to Chapter bylaws and submit the Chapter Membership Application Form to
  2. Membership Verification - Once your completed application is received, the Chapter Board will review your application and verify your (ISC)² membership information.
  3. Membership Fees -Once membership verification is complete, the final step in the application process is payment of annual membership fees ($35 annual). Your annual membership fee can be paid at a meeting by check or credit card to the Treasurer, or online by credit card. Credit card payments will be subject to an additional $1.50 convenience charge. Pay Online

Membership Cost

The annual membership fee for Greater Detroit (ISC)² Chapter membership is $35. Credit card payments will be subject to an additional $1.50 convenience charge. Pay Online